Why Live Near The Sea Is Good For You? Benefits To Living In A Beachfront Real Estate

18 March, 2023

People love to spend holidays on the seaside, surrounded by the sun, sand, and sea waves. The ocean views, saltwater, and beach are right outside your door.

But living by the sea has other benefits.

Doctors and researchers are finding an increased list of reasons that living near water is a good idea for your health and happiness.

1. Living beachfront causes less stress

Someone commonly associates the beach with relaxation, including ocean tides, sea breezes, and warm sand, which all help to remove the stress of everyday life.

While a beach holiday can temporarily reduce your stress levels, people who live permanently near the sea can experience this same benefit daily.

Not only! A study published in the journal Environment & Behaviour has shown that patients experience less pain and anxiety during dental procedures while viewing beach images than a virtual visit to an urban landscape, or no virtual interaction at all.

2. Sea Air Helps you to Sleep Better

According to Dr. Natasha Bijlani, a psychiatrist from London’s Priory’s Roehampton Hospital: “Sea air is pleasant for sleep because it’s cleaner and fresher, with higher levels of oxygen.”

Negative ions in the air of the sea speed up your ability to absorb oxygen and also balance your serotonin levels, one of the body’s happiness hormones.

UK’s National Trust says that people sleep on average for 47 minutes longer the night after a seaside walk; compared to only 12 minutes more for those who went on an inland walk of a similar length.

“When people go to the beach, they are physically active and stay there for longer. When you combine physical activity with being in a natural environment, these effects become even stronger.”

3. Living Near the Sea Stimulates Physical Activity

Living near the sea encourages physical activity.

When you live in the city, the thought of going out for a walk or running, with all the vehicles and the pollution around you, doesn’t inspire you. But when you live close to the ocean, the beachcalls to you”, and drives you to practice.

Whether you take a walk every morning or choose to run at sunset or decide to swim every day, all these are excellent forms of beneficial exercises.

Of course, Riviera Maya allows you to do all these activities 12 months a year, because of its consistently warm temperature.

The responsible of the University of Exeter’s BlueHealth project, which studies how aquatic environments affect the health of the population, says:

4. Sea boosts your mental health

BlueHealth project looked at the census data of 48 million adults and the relationship between their health and the place where they lived.

The results showed that people living close to the sea experience lower anxiety and better mood, but when the same people moved inland, the effects were reversed.

The closer people live to the sea, the better their health and mood will be.

5. Proximity to the sea strengthens your immune system

People living near the ocean are also more likely to spend time outdoors, which increases their vitamin D production.

Vitamin D is essential to proper body functioning and promotes calcium absorption, bone strength, and immune health.

Get your dose of Vitamin D naturally by living near the sea.

6. A beachfront real estate property is good for your mind

According to Stress Recovery during Exposure to Nature Sound and Environmental Noise, nature sounds, particularly that of birds, sea, forests, and rain alleviate anxiety and depression. Visual impressions of nature, combined with its soothing sounds, help you heal your mind faster than you can say “Beach”! So if you want mental peace, live by the beachside, listen to the sound of waves crashing on the shores and take a regenerating sea and sunbathe.

7. Enjoy an Uninterrupted Ocean View

One of the biggest benefits of living by the beach is the “view”. There is nothing between your property and the beach. You get to see the shiny sea all day long.

Architects know the importance of panoramic views, which is why the real estate properties close to the beach offer suitable architectural spaces, sea-view rooftop, and first-class comfortable amenities connected to the beach.

8. Beachfront Properties for Sale: a Successful Investment

Property on the beach can be good for your finances, as well as your health and mood. The most obvious monetary benefit is the potential for vacation rentals. A beachfront location won’t just have year-round demand, but its exclusivity will also allow for a higher rent.

With this potential as a profitable asset, it’s easy to realize why real estate development for sale near the sea rarely stays long on the market.


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