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We began operations in 2008 dedicating ourselves mainly to property administration and Vacation rentals and commercialization of condominiums and houses in the cities of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Our growth has been dictated by our clients’ need for professional realtor services in Mexico and nowadays at Maya Ocean we have our own  barchitecture department,  construction company, marketing agency, advisor consultancy and master broker services offering an integral solution for our clients. 

We are Master Brokers of 15 developments distributed in Playa del Carmen and Tulum offering a wide variety of options and locations to our buyers and investors starting from small buildings to large 1Ha developments all the way up to an urbanization of 150 Ha at the south exit of Playa del Carmen just behind Rio Secreto. 

Thanks to the continuous growth of demand for vacation rentals in the Riviera Maya and the need of our clients to rent their home for the months that they would not be occupying it, as well as having someone to take care of  the maintenance, administration and well being of your second home we grew exponentially providing Promotion and Vacation Rentals services creating our sister company Royal Properties thus diversifying our services into two different brands so we can better serve our clients. 

All of this has led us to improve and multiply our services, allowing us to better understand the market and how to provide a better overall service by having a deeper approach and understanding the real estate industry in MexicoWe have cultivated our clientele, commercial and labor relationships so they are long lasting relationships. As a company we are strongly committed to our values and goals making Maya Ocean Real Estate one of the leading agencies in the Riviera Maya and Mexico.

  • Mission

    Offer comprehensive advice through a highly trained professional team committed to providing the best real estate investment option in the Riviera Maya, with total security and legal certainty for our clients.

  • Vision

    To be the most recognized real estate company in the Riviera Maya, for offering services within a framework of strict legality and transparency, thus being the best option for clients, owners, developers and developers.

  • Values

    Honesty, respect and responsibility make up the foundation on which our success resides and represent the way we work every day within our work environment as well as in our business relationships and associations.

Our Services

They are the commercialization of real estate, property management, sale and rental of residential, luxury and commercial properties, promotion, administration, operation and customer service of vacation properties.

Market study, planning and development of real estate projects, real estate investment funds, consulting, turnkey projects, advice for investors and developers.


Thirdparty Services

We have an extensive network of professionals ready to advise and facilitate all property trading processes as well as the use, operation and maintenance of the property where we include lawyers, notaries, banking and mortgages, interior decorators, landscapers, preventive and corrective maintenance, photographers who jointly collaborate to make the property acquisition or rental experience as pleasant and safe as possible.


Real Estate Professionals



Our Team of Internal Real Estate Advisors 

Composed of more than 150 real estate professionals including 5 Managers, 14 Team Leaders and 3 Project Leaders from different parts of Mexico and the world attending our offices in the cities of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum who are familiar with the area and the market, tendencies  and growth of the Riviera Maya and the State of Quintana Roo and passionate about living in this paradise of lifestyle and investment that we call home. 

Our team of professional realtors embrace the values and goals of Maya Ocean and project themselves as true ambassadors of our corporate philosophy, compromised in generating positive results and long term relationships surrounded by an harmonic work environment of continuous education and growth opportunities.

Our Marketing Team 

Our result oriented marketing team composed by 1 Manager and 12 multidisciplinary professionals that contribute in generating top of the line personalized branding, lead generation and public relations marketing successfully contributing to the sales and our yearly goals. Both marketing and sales teams are under the same direction thus allowing better communication channels, clearer goals and team work. We implement science in our marketing strategies by analyzing deeply the statistics, market and public behavior to better utilize the exposure channels where we utilize over 20 different conversion routes. 

Our Legal Team 

Our team of lawyers and legal brokers facilitate the legal formalization of the sales process by gathering the required documentation from all parts, performing property checks and notarial processes generating trust and transparency for both national and international buyers providing an important support to the buyers, real estate advisors and developers.

Our Commitment

With buyer clients, offering total legal certainty, with certified products. We also have the support and advice of professionals outside the company, such as lawyers, notaries, appraisers, financial and mortgage advisers, etc., in order to achieve the best possible negotiation for our clients.

With our partners, working day by day in the development and growth of the company, in order to achieve high rates of growth and profitability.

With associates, Offer an excellent work environment, constant training and support and guaranteed products, as well as an unbeatable system of commissions, bonuses and benefits.

With the authorities, municipal and federal, maintaining close and cordial relationships, based on compliance with current legal processes.

With selling clients, guaranteeing them the necessary professional advice for the administration, promotion and commercialization of their properties.

Our Inventory

At Maya Ocean Real Estate our focus in terms of real estate inventory and commercial relationships with developers is to offer the best investment or housing options in the Riviera Maya for our clients.

We select our inventory according to market studies taking into account the current and future development of the area, as well as its connectivity, capital gain potential and profitability.

In this way we offer both a wide variety of quality options that ensure your investment and assets in the long term and reliably.


We are active members of the CANACO (NationalChamber of Commerce), AMII (Association of the Real Estate Industry), AMPI (MexicanAssociation of Real Estate Professionals), CECACL (Evaluation and Training Center for Labor Competence) and the NAR (National Association of Realtors).

This allows us to maintain a close relationship with all affiliated real estate agents to have a greater reach and impact, both in the promotion of our exclusive products, and in the generation of diverse negotiations, both at the state, national and international level.

We also have partnerships with more than 200,00 Brokers Internationally, 3,600 Brokers and Agencies active in the south east of Mexico mainly in the state of Quintana Roo

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Our channels and reach


Find out about news, information, tips,real estate market trends, architecture, interior design, decoration, development, surplus value, property maintenance, purchase process, documentation, mortgage options, lifestyle in the Riviera Maya, growth, development and connectivity of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, tourism, vacation trends, entertainment and much more…

Brokers Network

Our Local Real Estate Network of colleagues in the Riviera Maya extends to more than 3,600 experts in the Real Estate Industry throughout the Quintana Roo area, thus providing a strong multiplier effect to potentiate the development, sale and purchase of residential homes or real estate investments facilitating communication and advice for our diverse clientele.

Local Real Estate Network

The good relationships generated by our network of agencies is a solid component of who we are and our scope since our strength lies in the way that we have accompanied and been part of the development and success of the real estate industry of the Riviera Maya.

Today we jointly present a wide scope towards our wide portfolio of clients and investors forming a solid working group distinguished by the success of our commercial relationships.

Online Platforms And Applications

We use the most popular and reliable applications and websites for sales promotion, long-term rentals, vacation rentals and broker networks with the aim of having a wide reach worldwide to obtain clients in an extensive and satisfactory way for owners and investors in real estate trade in general, real estate and vacation rentals.

Some of the platforms we use are: Busca la Casa, Lamudi, Inmuebles 24, Vivanuncios, AirBnB,Expedia, Travelocity,VRBO among some of the most popular.

Social Media

Social networks are a very important component for the global and avant-garde reach of today’s real estate industry since the vast majority of users who are an active part of the digital community and we communicate with our followers, clients, fans, agencies, brokers,friends and people looking for property options in purchase, rent and sale of the Real Estate Market of the Riviera Maya.


Our channels and brands are a fundamental part of our online presence and that of the developments we represent allowing us to promote our property management services, real estate trade, long-term rentals and vacation rentals through multiple websites such as: mayaocean.com (real estate trade), Royal Properties (vacation rentals and property management), Vedra (trade and condo/hotel management).

Software & Technology

We use the most advanced and trending tools in the market making use of applications, software and technology to keep track of communications, share files, transparent and secure customer registration, record offers with our customers and highly protected databases that automate our work and facilitate connection with our multiple channels.

Traditional Methods

We actively participate in real estate exhibitions, “open houses”,launch events and promotion of developments, we publish in magazines and newspapers of local, national and international scope to promote our inventory of houses, apartments, commercial premises and land, we also openly socialize generating positive commercial relationships with owners, investors, builders, developers, sellers and marketers thus covering the wide community that makes up the Real Estate industry.

We are proud to be part of the development and real estate growth of the Mexican Caribbean with presence in the cities of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum providing our clients, colleagues, affiliates, associates with the passion, honesty and professionalism that stands out in each service to our clients, in each negotiation, in each agreement that we help in the best possible way to find that first home for families, people, the dream second home for vacations or the foundation of an insurance patrimony.

We hope to serve you in the best possible way, accompany you and facilitate the process of selection, negotiation and purchase of the right property for your home or investment.

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