Reef Restoration In The Riviera Maya

18 March, 2023

The Riviera Maya is the protagonist of a large-scale reef restoration effort that will be of great contribution to the recovery of marine life for the Mesoamerican coral reef that is found on the coasts of the Mexican Caribbean through the planting of thousands of coral specimens.

In addition, this is a benefit for both parties, since the reefs are restored helping the fauna of the area and citizens benefit from having an attractive fauna for tourism.

In the last decades due to climatic changes, cargo for tourist use traffic, the reef has suffered from bleaching, causing its density and diversity to be affected.

The reef

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Riviera Maya, mainly for snorkeling and diving, that is why the importance of reef restoration in the area for the benefit of biodiversity and the economy of Quintana Roo since the main income economic is tourism.

One of the main reasons why we receive millions of tourists every year and the reason for the popularity of the Riviera Maya is its nature, so its good condition is key to maintaining the arrival of tourists.

Reef restoration progress in the Riviera Maya

The proposed goal is to plant 265 thousand species of coral by 2022, of which 34 thousand 771 corals have already been planted in the restoration of reefs.

In the areas that have already been planted, a greater presence of fish can be observed and the decrease in erosion of the sand at the bottom of the sea is notable since the reef acts as a support for the sand near the coast.

The reef restoration is of great importance also for the seasonal marine life since taking advantage of the currents it migrates through the Caribbean since it provides a resting place and food for the fauna.

This is a slow process that takes years to have results, but these are quantifiable from the beginning.

In addition to the action of recovery projects, it is very important to develop projects to keep the reef in optimal conditions through closures, avoid excessive traffic and excessive fishing since the reef is a fundamental part of the coastal marine ecosystem.


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