Real Estate The Best Investment In Times Of Crisis

18 March, 2023

“It will never be a bad time to invest in Real Estate”

Acquiring a real estate is a safe bet, since the money you invest far from decreasing increases, and even more if it is an area with a lot of tourism, high demand and constant growth like the Riviera Maya.

It is normal that doubts arise when we go through times of crisis, since what we hope is that our money is always safe and it is difficult to feel that security in the midst of a sea of uncertainty, The good news is that investing in real estate in times crisis is the best option and here we tell you why.

Invest in times of crisis

At first it may seem that it is very risky, but the truth could not be further from reality and to understand a little more this we first have to see a more general picture.

The coronavirus has caused great uncertainty around the world.

The main concern is towards people’s health and that is why many countries have taken adequate measures to face the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not for less, because health issues must be taken very seriously, and more so when it comes to a pandemic.

In business there are also certain questions and concerns about it.


In a short time it has caused the devaluation of several currencies, it has caused many businesses to drop their sales or in some cases it has caused them to disappear and therefore many contingency plans have been put in place.

There was a stock market crash just the day the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that COVID-19 had become a pandemic.

It is not surprising that investors and entrepreneurs are concerned about the losses that this could generate.

In Playa del Carmen

We live in that moment when investors fearful of seeing their investment stop due to not obtaining sales began to lower prices, granted facilities and direct financing, frozen exchange rates downwards, conditions never seen in the real estate market in Playa from Carmen.

And why did the developers do this?

When there is inflation, the price of many products increases, causing many people to have less purchasing power.

Many of the mortgage loans tend to lower their interest rates in situations such as the ones we are experiencing, which allows you to acquire a loan with preferential conditions and be granted in less time since what is sought is to reactivate the economy, allowing you with this buy at a much lower price than the original.

To invest

The time has come to invest now, since in this way you will protect your money from the inflation that will cause the crisis that the coronavirus has generated.

And in case you do not want to go to live in the house you just bought, you have the option of renting it and obtaining more immediate profits.

An area with a lot of tourism, like the Riviera Maya, will be much better because you can rent it according to the prices of a tourist area.

In the Riviera Maya

There are many options that will offer you a vacation rental program, where you can voluntarily choose to make a contract with someone who can manage your property, guaranteeing occupancy and a return on your investment.

Bear in mind all the above we can see that investing in real estate in crisis is a good option.

Protect Money

Since, you are not only going to protect your money with the capital gain that the area gives you, you can recover your investment quickly by putting it in a vacation rental management program that allows you to occupy with your family when you decide to vacation or if you prefer you can inhabit it permanently and enjoy a space that will give you shelter and security in these times of pandemic, a short distance from one of the most sought-after beaches by tourists globally.

What to take into account

You should know that acquiring a property is not a short-term investment, but a long-term one.

That is why we say that you should invest as soon as possible, so that you can ensure the greatest amount of return on investment as soon as possible.

And are there ways to make a profit earlier?

Yes there are.

Returning to the example that you want the property to rent it, if you analyze well the area and the level of tourism it has, it is most likely that you will obtain these profits immediately.

In this way, almost without realizing it, you will have recovered your investment.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is capital gains.

The more growth the area in which you want to invest has, the better.

A good example of areas with great added value are those that have a lot of tourism, or that have a lot of private investment.

In the case of Playa del Carmen, we have that it is a city that every year has more and more visits, both international and national, and currently there is investment by important private sector groups in increasingly ambitious developments.

¿Y qué pasa cuando una zona se convierte en foco de turismo internacional con inversiones del sector privado tan ambiciosas?

Properties increase in value; So if you buy a lot or apartment in Playa del Carmen you are ensuring that in a couple of years its value will be much higher, unlike other areas where there is almost no tourism or tourism does not reach the volumes of the Riviera Maya and therefore there is less goodwill.

You should also take into account how accessible the property is and how many amenities it has.

Do you have access to the entertainment areas?

Do you have a beach nearby?

Do you have private security?

Can you go to the gym?

Do you have sea views?

Do you have a nearby Golf Course?

All these questions you should ask yourself when choosing a house or apartment; and more if it is going to be your family and you who will enjoy all this.

So if you take into account all that we have mentioned, you will be closer to making a successful investment even in these times of pandemic.



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