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Ocean Tulum

Ocean Tulum offers an exclusive model with a balance between quality of life and safe investment inspired by the people’s needs for a unique experience in their Mexican Caribbean home, whilst also generating returns on highvalue assets and allowing individual and family enjoyment.

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    Available layouts

    Studio 36.3 m2
    36.30 m2
    1, 3-4th floor (out of 4)
    36.30 m2
    1-2, 4th floor (out of 4)
    Two bedrooms from 54.4 m2 to 62.7 m2
    54.40 m2
    2, 4th floor (out of 4)
    62.70 m2
    3-4th floor (out of 4)
    Two bedrooms (Lock Off) 78.1 m2
    78.10 m2
    1-3th floor (out of 4)
    78.10 m2
    1-2, 4th floor (out of 4)
    Three bedrooms (Lock Off) from 114.4 m2 to 117.15 m2
    117.15 m2
    1, 3-4th floor (out of 4)
    114.40 m2
    1-4th floor (out of 4)
    ... ... m2, floor (out of ...)

    List of different things to enjoy in the development


    Resort Living Experience

    Unique concept that attracts thousands of tourists. And, for investors: price like in condo and ROi like in a hotel.

    Prime Location

    Next to Holistika Center – that will increase your vacation rental x1.5

    Biggest swimming pool in Tulum

    Real estate has to be unique in order to attract tourists. We know how to do it.

    Close to Zamna

    Worldwide event location that will bring you more and more tenants for your investment property.

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    Nearby places

    Maya Ocean Real Estate


    Maya Ocean

    Aldea Zama Manzana 26 Lote 110

    Maya Ocean Real Estate


    Gran Cenote

    Quintana Roo 109, 77796 Tulum

    Maya Ocean Real Estate


    Tulum beach

    15 minutes

    Maya Ocean Real Estate

    Art Gallery

    Holistika Art Walk

    Av. 10 sur lote 4, zona 11, Manzana 902, Tulum

    The neighborhood


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