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Playa del Carmen, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, holds record population growth rates due to its high demand for housing and tourism, as many have found in Playa a home to enjoy an excellent quality of life in southeaster Mexico, surrounded by a wide natural and cultural beauty. Playa is a neural point in the Mexican Caribbean. Its privileged location with easy access to Cozumel Island, Puerto Morelos, Cancun, Carretera Federal, eases transportation to Merida, Chichen Itza and Valladolid. In these cities you may find colonial and cultural tourism, some water and theme parks such as Rio Secreto, Grupo Xcaret. Playa is home to the world-famous 5ta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) a pedestrian walkway that crosses the coastal area and is lined with stores, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions. All-in-one for the vibrant, cosmopolitan community of Playa.

The real estate developments that we market in Playa del Carmen are located in areas of high capital gain and profitability rates, thus ensuring a safe return on investment. The city displays 74% hotel occupancy rate and vacation rentals; this is due to its strategic location in the heart of the Riviera Maya, providing accessibility and making Playa a privileged place to live, visit and invest in real estate.

With these elements in mind, choosing to invest in apartments to generate rental income in Playa del Carmen is a smart decision, beneficial both in the mid and long term given the demand for real estate developments.

The Design of Playa del Carmen Apartments

The construction and architectural minimalist design of the modern apartments in Playa del Carmen display functional spaces, gym areas, spa, sun decks, rooftops and pools that recreate the “Playense” lifestyle in the city’s downtown and in the suburban areas that were designed for family occupation, where playgrounds, clubhouses, barbecue grills and swimming pools are quintessential to the best residential areas.

Apartments for Sale in Playa del Carmen

We focus on commercializing developments in Playa del Carmen which share the same features: good profitability, healthy capital gain rates and unparalleled location. We offer a highly demanded real estate inventory depending on its characteristics, sought by the current consumer who wants a mixture of lifestyle and investment; as well as having the option to rent the property to those on vacations and generate constant income. Likewise, we only offer apartments that meet the needs of the current market.

Apartments for Sale in Downtown Playa del Carmen

The apartments in the urban tourist area of Playa del Carmen are the most sought after due to the convenient connectivity on foot or by bicycle, with easy access to the famous Quinta Avenida, where you can find a wide variety of stores, restaurants, bars and beach clubs, discotheques, hotels and resorts. The demand for condo-like apartments with rooftop pool, gym, spa and amenities are very popular today  to meet the growing demand for condominiums intended primarily for vacation rentals.

Exclusive Apartments Maya Ocean Master Broker in Playa del Carmen

Maya Ocean Real Estate markets 8 real estate developments as Master Broker here in the city, what provides a large inventory to supply the growing demand in the area for residential or vocational housing.

We pre-select all the projects we sell. We take into account important factors such as type of neighbourhood, development potential and growth of the area, capital gain, quality of materials used, durability, long-term and / or vacation rental profitability. Furthermore, we offer residential real estate products designed and built by reputable developers who make timely delivery of condominiums in optimal conditions, hence providing certainty and security to your client’s investment.

Apartments and Condominiums for Pre-Sale in Playa del Carmen

Pre-sale real estate options in Playa del Carmen are usually sought after by investors, who are looking for the right time to get their hands on real estate at unbeatable launch prices, as well as to be one of the first to select units for the best views and accessibility.

Most of the projects that we commercialize from their early stages are sold totally or partially during the pre-sale stage, since both local, national and international opportunistic clients are in continuous search of real estate investment opportunities in the area driven by the positive profitability.

Resale of Apartments and Condominiums in Playa del Carmen

In recent years, the inventory of real estate with transfer of ownership or resales is gaining popularity in Playa del Carmen, since those owners who decide to sell capitalize on the investment or use the profit in a new commercial or real estate investment. Generally, resale options include more apartments or by foreigners who for life reasons change their place of residence, being forced to sell their property to make a new life. Our resale inventory enjoys the legal certainty and titles needed to carry out the property transfer safely and complying with all the notarial processes.