New Road In Tulum Increases Goodware For Real Estate Developments

18 March, 2023

New road in Tulum has had significant growth in recent years, becoming a preferred point for investors and real estate owners looking for a business with a good return on investment or a vacation home that they can use when visiting Tulum.

For several years, the area has been found in development, with new restaurants, bars, supermarkets and more, which make life in Tulum a comfortable and luxurious life for its residents and visitors.

Tulum’s biggest problem, however, has always been mobility and the lack of connection between the coastal area and the rest of Tulum.

For years, the area did not have the necessary road infrastructure for the number of people who visit it, and the connection between a place like La Veleta and the tourist area meant that its developments did not have the same impact as those in Aldea Zamá for its proximity.

However, at the end of March 2021, the Tulum government inaugurated the first part of 4.2 kilometers of road connectors between this new Kukulkan Avenue and the coastal area of ​​the region.

“Tulum is a developing municipality and works like the one we inaugurate today are required to meet the demands and needs of citizens,” said Víctor Mas Tah, Tulum’s municipal president.

The Importance of Avenida Kukulkan

The opening of this important avenue that has been in the works for years not only promotes better road mobility for tourists, residents and workers.

Rather, it will link areas of Tulum such as La Veleta, Villas Tulum and the southern part with the coastal area.

The new road in Tulum is a great opportunity.

This, around, will create an increase in the capital gain of these areas that for years have grown gradually, but whose importance has been overshadowed by developments such as Aldea Zamá and Luum Zamá.

The areas of La Veleta, Villas Tulum, Tulum Sur, among others, have been a point of interest for developers since their infrastructures allow new developments to be built with unique architectural models.

Tulum offers a modern atmosphere, without neglecting the traditional values that put this small city on the map.

This is why these developments take advantage of the nature that surrounds them as inspiration, offering a safe and luxurious space wrapped in a much more natural environment.

That is why public investment by the government to generate new roads is so important.

Connecting these areas with the coastal zone helps to provide greater and easier access that generates significant added value for regions that are not considered touristy.

Real Estate Investment in Tulum

Today, Tulum has become one of the most popular places to invest in real estate – whether to live or rent.

Although its development is recent, there has been a great peak of growth in the demand for the real estate market. For this reason, investing in luxury properties in Tulum has become popular.

Prior to the inauguration of Avenida Kukulkan, these areas already carried a certain weight in the real estate sector.

Many investors began to turn their gaze from the coastal area to these neighborhoods that little by little have become the real estate engine of Tulum.

There is a constant development of new projects, full of innovation, that are perfect for investors looking for vacation rentals or a home to escape to for their own vacations.

The best thing about these developments is that the investment to be an owner is much lower than in areas that are close to the coast.

And even so, they will be able to benefit from the added value that the new road will generate.

Tulum will continue in this constant growth during the next years, without a doubt.

And as long as it continues to be recognized for its beautiful white sand beaches, dreamlike archaeological sites, and stable trend-setting history, you won’t lose the value and charm that makes people from all over the world visit.

It will continue to be a destination for luxurious, sustainable residences and incredible projects, maintaining a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Now, also a destination that has a road infrastructure that supports its growth.


It will promote better road mobility for tourists.

It will link areas of Tulum such as La Veleta, Villas Tulum and the southern part with the coastal area.

Opening and development of new projects.


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