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How To Invest In Real Estate With $ 15,000 Pesos

18 March, 2023

Real estate investments are one of the best ways to protect your money and create your wealth, so we teach you how to invest in real estate.

However, many people believe that investing in real estate requires a lot of money.

Although it is favorable to have significant savings to support an investment of this type, it does not mean that there are no other ways to invest with little money.

In fact, you can invest in a property with as little as $ 15,000 pesos.

Before embarking on any investment adventure, it is important that you educate yourself and also know the risks of it.

It is true that a real estate investment can be very good and can help you build wealth, but it does not mean that you should not do your due diligence to know everything about investments before making a decision.

And although you can invest with only $ 15,000 pesos, you must consider the expenses that having a property entails, such as maintenance, taxes, operating expenses, rent commission (in case of using a property manager), plus purchase expenses ( deed, Notary Public, down payment, real estate insurance, among others).

Knowing everything you need to consider, these are some ways to invest in real estate with $ 15,000 pesos.

Rent Rooms of your Current Property

Many people get started in the real estate world by renting a spare room from the property in which they currently live.

This means that you must limit your living area to be able to rent the rest.

This can be done by renting a separate room (lock-off) with its own entrance and kitchenette, or by renting an extra room and sharing common spaces.

Another way is acquiring a duplex or loft type home and renting the space as an independent unit.

By doing this, you will be generating extra income without generating any cost to yourself.

Your investment can be as small as you consider necessary to adapt the space to rent so that it is habitable.

Invest in Group

Real estate crowdfunding is basically a group of unknown people who invest in a property in equal parts, generating a profit for everyone by remodeling, renting or selling the property.

Being a shared profit, it is a lower income, but it also means that you invest much less.

By doing this, you will be able to generate capital, and if you repeat it several times, you will soon have the means to invest in a property on your own.

Another form of this same investment model is investing with partners.

The basis is the same: you invest in equal parts, you win in equal parts.

The only difference is that you can choose your partners, whether they are family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or partners.In Mexico there are multiple mortgage loans that you can use to invest in a property. Although it is usually a little less flexible in terms of the initial investment, you can find options that stick to the savings you have. For example, if you are looking to buy a property with a relatively low value, perhaps a bank loan will accept that your initial investment is only $ 15,000 pesos, considering all other expenses apart and a maximum payment term with a very high interest. It is risky and perhaps not a very viable option, but it does not hurt to look for an option of this style. Before you seek to speak with a bank, it is important that you check if your credit history is good, as this is an important limitation when it comes to loans with financial institutions. If you do not have a good history, your best option is to hire a credit card with basic conditions that you can pay monthly without fail to improve your history.

The most viable option with an investment of that amount, however, is the Infonavit credit.

The government extends this benefit to all workers to finance a house. To be able to use this, it is only necessary that you have a stable job, are registered with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), and contribute to your housing fund. The Infonavit is much more flexible in its loans and they do not consult your credit history. However, in the long run, it becomes a more expensive investment to pay for.

If you feel safe, invest

The reality is that there is no limitation if you are looking to get started in the real estate world.

Everyone starts small, and any of these options is good if you have little capital to start with.

Don’t be afraid to invest, just educate yourself and know your limitations when choosing to do so.

If you do it right, you will be able to benefit from a passive income that little by little will make you see the results of your efforts, and before you know it, you will have enough capital for an investment with a higher down payment and much lower risk.


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