How To Invest In Real Estate In Mexico

18 March, 2023

If you wonder how to invest in real estate in Mexico, you are in the right place because today I will share a step by step on what you need to consider for an investment in this area.

I also want to introduce you to the reasons to invest in real estate in Mexico, which are the same reasons to invest anywhere in the world, but keep in mind that for more convenience you should choose a good area.

That is why I decided to include at the end of this article a segment entitled “Where to invest in real estate in Mexico?”, Which will allow you to know one of the most privileged areas, and, at the same time, will help you to take into account 3 keys to develop a good criterion of choice when investing.

I invite you to read carefully until the end, and if you want to consider an investment that generates good returns, remember that at Maya Ocean Real State we can help you.

How to invest in real estate: step by step

I will start by presenting you with a step by step that will allow you to know how to invest in real estate with the highest probability of success.

It is important that, when making an investment in real estate in Mexico or anywhere in the world, you have a defined plan.

Here is the step by step to make real estate investments:

# 1: Define the budget for your investment

First, you must determine how much money you can and want to allocate for this type of investment.

Keep in mind that, when it comes to investing in real estate, it is a long-term movement, that is, it is not a liquid investment.

If your budget is low, my recommendation is that you get alternatives that require a low down payment.

# 2: map out your real estate investment goal

When investing in real estate in Mexico, it is best to be clear about your objective.

You can invest to remodel and sell, for example, and in this case it is best to look for old properties and you would get up to 30% profit.

You can also invest to rent at a higher value, you will obtain benefits in a shorter period of time. However, this also requires making an extra initial investment for the maintenance of the property.

On the other hand, I advise you to keep your personal finances in order and always choose the alternative that fits both your budget and your investment horizon.

# 3: set a considerable time horizon

If you want to generate capital gains, it is best to let your real estate investment mature for a period of between three and five years.

This is essential when making your evaluation and projection of the investment you plan to make.

Arm yourself with patience, that way the property in which you will invest will increase in value until it is worth making the sale.

# 4: do a thorough review

You must review in maximum detail to be sure that you will make a good investment and that everything is in order.

For example, the property you want to buy must be registered in the Public Registry. That allows you to know the tax situation of the property.

In the same way, he investigates the process to write it. If the property is intestate, it is best to avoid acquiring it.

# 5: If possible, buy in presale

This option is very convenient to invest in real estate, because it can generate more levels of capital gains.

If you find a project that is in an early stage, whether it is a plan or a model, it will allow you to enjoy a considerable increase in its value once its construction is completed.

In this case, make sure of the track record and reliability of the project developer before making your investment.

# 6: Find attractive areas for your investment

The more profitable the city in which you decide to make your investment in real estate in Mexico, the more capital gains it will offer to invest.

If you want to know one of the best areas to invest in Mexico, keep reading because we will answer this question in the next segment.

Why invest in real estate in Mexico?

The first thing to consider is that investing in real estate provides three exceptional benefits, which are reasons enough to invest.

Now that you know how to invest in real estate in Mexico, I will present the reasons why it is important to do so:

# 1: It is a safe and flexible investment

When you buy real estate, you protect your finances in cases of economic or personal emergencies.

On the other hand, a property can be a financial guarantee if you require a loan for another investment, or a mortgage. It will also help you to use it when you retire if you prefer.

# 2: Provide a high return on investment

Another reason to invest in real estate in Mexico is that your return is calculated according to the variables that were present at the time of purchase.

Both the capital gain in the area and the money you receive for the property at the time of sale are taken into account. You can enjoy a high profit margin if you have chosen a privileged area.

# 3: money works for you

What is expected of an investment is that it generates profits, that your capital rises without having to make a maximum effort.

Investing in real estate is perfect because it generates a considerable economic return at the same time that you build part of your wealth.

Where to invest in real estate in Mexico?

Now that you know how to invest in real estate in Mexico, I want to introduce you to one of the best areas to make your investment: Riviera Maya.

I present the reasons, that way you can evaluate and develop your own criteria with a basis and argument and decide to start your investment with better conditions to obtain a high profit:

# 1: Tourist flow: great potential for return

Among the main benefits of an investment in real estate in Riviera Maya I can mention the tourist flow that this area has.

Riviera Maya has cities like Playa del Carmen and Tulum that today are a benchmark for tourism in Mexico.

The best thing is that tourism in this area is not static, but is growing every year. Another of its benefits is that it is close to the Cancun international airport.

Today the Riviera Maya is an alternative space for those who want to be a little away from the hotel areas and from a more accelerated lifestyle. At the same time, it offers high-level services for a complete and fulfilling stay.

# 2: It has a privileged location

For a real estate investment in Mexico and anywhere in the world, it is important to consider location.

This is a factor for the increase in capital gains over time. To determine if it is convenient, the security of the area, its growth projection and connectivity, among other variables, must be considered.

If the area offers easy access and connection with quality services, it can be considered privileged. It can be said that the capital gain is related to the probability of having a better quality of life.

This makes Riviera Maya an ideal area to invest in real estate.

# 3: It has high-level infrastructure

The infrastructure guarantees greater comforts in an area. And as I have already said, Riviera Maya is characterized by offering a quieter lifestyle than other cities like Cancun, however, its infrastructure is of a high level.

One of the signs in the development of its infrastructure is the investment that has been allocated to improve and convert Quintana Roo as the platform with the fastest internet thanks to fiberglass.

This means that Riviera Maya will benefit from such investment, among others.

If you want to know more about why consider the Riviera Maya as an investment zone in Mexico, you can read my article Living, investing and retiring in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

If you want to expand your options, I invite you to read this article in which I share the 6 best places to invest in real estate in Mexico.

Secure your investment in real estate with the best decision

Investing in real estate is a wise decision, as long as you consider the advice I have shared with you so far.

Do not forget that investing in a privileged area will give more protection to your investment because you will achieve more capital gains. Consider the tourist growth of the area if you want to have better results and the assurance that your property will achieve greater value over time.

You can research the area you have in mind to invest and take into account what level of investors it attracts. If the area is conquering investors, you should pay close attention to the whys.

If the area is already profitable, and has development plans to provide a better quality of life for residents or tourists, then it is more than definite that it can generate good profitability.

Secure your wealth and future with a smart, well-planned investment. Remember that the Riviera Maya also offers you the possibility of renting your property remotely to tourists who are willing to pay a high price for being in a privileged area during seasons.

Now that you know how to invest in real estate in Mexico, if you want to invest in real estate in an area that represents a safe investment, contact us and we will provide you with our advice and help.


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