Home Office From The Riviera Maya

18 March, 2023

The “Home Office” lifestyle is destined to be massively adopted in a post-Covid-19 world. We tell you what the Home Office is like from the Riviera Maya.

Working from home and having more flexibility was the ideal scenario that everyone had once dreamed of before the pandemic.

COVID-19 turned this dream into reality, the virus left many companies no choice and overnight a rapid transition to the Home Office happened.

In 2020, our homes went from a safe haven to a cluttered cubicle away from the office, and virtually overnight, space became your most precious asset, practically your sanctuary.

The ability to work remotely, regardless of your geographic location, is changing the traditional concept of the so-called “balance” between work and private life.

If we add to that the robust offer of real estate properties in the Riviera Maya, the process to change your place of residence and office has never been so easy and convenient, so much so that we are witnessing including a phenomenon of migration of professional individuals never before imagined.

Before the pandemic, a certain niche of individuals better known as digital nomads, influencers, entrepreneurs or freelancers, were the only ones who allowed themselves to have that more progressive lifestyle working in remote places from any corner of the world, this was possible thanks to 3 Key tools: A laptop, excellent Wi-Fi internet connection and Airbnb or Co-Living spaces and Co-working spaces.

Currently a great majority of us can undertake this lifestyle, more people are looking for options for a prolonged stay, they are adopting a “balance” between working life at a distance and extended tourism.

The Home Office is here to stay. Thanks to Zoom this is possible.

Remote work tools, which many companies have invested in this year, are a clear indication that companies will not return to the old way of working and doing business.

Companies in technology, financial services, insurance and other industries that can operate successfully through Internet lines are choosing to keep their people at home.

Commuting traffic has been replaced by intensive use of Zoom, especially in organizations where people know that employees can be just as productive from home.

Another positive impact that the Home Office has for employers is the savings they can generate per year for each employee who works remotely, these are reflected in office expenses, property rental, property services, etc.

Do you want to change your zip code now?

The Riviera Maya presents a very generous offer of real estate services with good infrastructure.

Tulum and Playa del Carmen being the most requested by (forced) remote workers.

From the family who decided to live an adventure in the jungle, to the group of friends who got together to co-living and co-working in a Pent House with a private pool in Tulum.

In Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo you can find a studio 600 meters from the beach with a monthly rent of $ 700 to $ 1,500 USD with maintenance, water and internet included, you pay for electricity.

The preferred or most sought after areas to live in Playa del Carmen are: Playacar, Uptown that ranges from Av. Constituyentes to Av. CTM and AV. 30 to the beach.

In Tulum, Quintana Roo (the most desired place) you can find a studio 6 kilometers away (yes, kilometers) from $ 1,300 USD of monthly rent with maintenance, water and internet included, you pay for electricity.

The most rented areas in Tulum are: Aldea Zama, La Veleta and Tulum Centro.

Other places of interest and also highly sought after are Puerto Morelos which is where the Riviera Maya begins and just 15 minutes from the international airport of Cancun and Akumal which is located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum and is a sanctuary for sea turtles.

Changing residence has never been so easy, visit our Facebook page and review the properties we have for rent.

Home Office from the Riviera Maya.


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