Vida Ocean, The First Development In Playa Del Carmen That Combines Health, Well-being And Connectivity.

18 March, 2023

In this article, we’ll look at how some of the most notable consumer shifts in recent years have impacted the wellness industry. When it comes to wellness, consumers expect the brands and services they are purchasing to give them control, convenience, transparency, and personalization. But beyond these fundamental desires, changes in values and behaviors can also play an important role in how people think about and engage with wellness like Vida Ocean.

In general, there are four factors that influence consumer behavior: cultural, social, personal, and psychological. These states fluctuate influenced by global events, shared attitudes and beliefs, access to information, and many other cultural and economic factors.

As wellness began to establish itself as an aspirational lifestyle choice, consumers turned to wellness brands that offered alternatives to less healthy social activities.

Boutique fitness studios began combining exercise classes with disco-style music and lighting, social wellness clubs were launched, and plant-based cocktails began to emerge


The rise of social networks and the exchange of content related to well-being caused an increase in interest around healthy eating, exercise and other well-being activities, this coupled with the great phenomenon of the “home office” creating a new profession that we know today as: Digital Nomad, consumers turned to bloggers and instagramers to help them taking care of their personal health, fitness, diets, life plans, travel and business.

And, as the wellness and health trend entered mainstream awareness, a meteoric rise in consumers prioritizing experiences over material things, fueled a movement toward a more balanced, thoughtful, and enjoyable form of wellness. As a result, new concepts of lifestyle, food, employment and travel hit the market.

This is how Vida Ocean was born, a development inspired by the health and lifestyle needs of a generational-modern cosmopolitan society that enjoys living near the sea and understands how beneficial it is for physical and emotional health to coexist with this environment. .

Architectural designs, artificial intelligence, artistic work and balanced distributions make Vida Ocean an avant-garde project focused on comprehensive well-being.

Located in the new “up town” of Playa del Carmen, just 650 meters from the beach, 350 meters from the famous Fifth Avenue and Calle 38 Norte, considered by many to be the most beautiful street in Playa del Carmen, thanks to the vast international gastronomic offer, meaning fine dining surrounded by endemic nature and even a cenote.

Just 550 meters from Vida Ocean, you can find the Mario Villanueva Sports Center, a football stadium that has a tartan track for runners, 2 tennis courts and has a capacity of 8,000 spectators. It is currently the home of Inter Playa of the Second Soccer Division of Mexico.

But to exercise and get moving you don’t even have to leave Vida Ocean, because on the rooftop of this magnificent development you have access to a fully equipped 40-square-meter fitness studio, an area for yoga and a 12-meter long pool with a swimming lane.


If, besides a fitness life, you are also looking for connectivity and technology, then Vida Ocean is the ideal place for you. Its 23 units have a home automation system, that is, a set of technologies applied to the intelligent control and automation of the home, which allows efficient management of energy use, provides safety and comfort, as well as communication between the user and the system. This technology can be applied to all home  appliances that have Wi-Fi connection, on and off functions, temperature regulation, lighting intensity, opening and closing blinds, access with digital locks, etc.

It will also have high-speed internet connection in common areas, Bose sound system, parking for bicycles and electric vehicles.

Vida Ocean is a development that has it all, location, modern amenities, condo-hotel management (optional) with a guaranteed 10% annual capitalization rate. All that and more is Vida Ocean, taking advantage of pre-sale prices and current promotions.

Vida Ocean a place created for comprehensive well-being.


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