5 Reasons To Invest In Tulum

18 Март, 2023

Today, Tulum has become one of the most popular places to invest in real estate either to live or to rent.

Although its development is recent, there has been a great peak of growth in the demand for the real estate market.

For this reason, investing in luxury properties in Tulum has become popular.

For a long time, there was no real estate market in Tulum.

This was developed, and today investing in Tulum has become more profitable than doing it in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

The demand for vacation rentals in the area has grown exponentially, and the price that travelers are willing to pay is much higher than in other regions of the Riviera Maya.

So why invest in Tulum?

Return on Investment

It may be a term that is widely heard, but the reality is that this is the main reason why an investor looks for a vacation rental property.

An apartment in Tulum can give you a return on investment of between 5 and 10% in the first three years.

The success of this, of course, goes hand in hand with well-structured rent management, and frequent maintenance and marketing services.

Your investment in Tulum will also depend on the own use you are looking to give the property.

If it is an apartment that you are looking to use in vacation seasons and rent the rest of the year, then you should expect a lower return on investment.

If it is a property that you do not plan to spend time on and you are only looking to rent it, then you can be sure that the return will be in the higher range.

Location and Attractions

The return on investment of your property is really nothing if it is not supported by the location and the attractions that Tulum offers for tourists.

Its location is privileged, surrounded by immense nature, beautiful white sand beaches, crystalline cenotes, and one of the most beautiful archaeological sites that the Mayans inhabited.

Most of the real estate options in Tulum are relatively close to all these attractions, and with the growing interest in bicycle use, they are very easy to access for tourists who rent your property.

Tulum has also developed a social life in recent years, with impressive gourmet food restaurants, popular bars, and beach clubs to spend the day with friends and family.

This has increased the interest of young people who are looking for more local vacation rentals and want to enjoy the activities that Tulum offers.


If Tulum has stood out for something in its real estate development, it has been its commitment to sustainability.

The growing collective awareness about the impact we have on the planet, has created a large community of tourists who prefer to rent a local apartment, whose construction met the sustainable requirements, to stay in an all-inclusive hotel.

That is why the new developments in Tulum take these limitations very seriously, and have created impressive luxury homes that respect and embrace nature.

Within Aldea Zama, one of the most luxurious areas of the destination, there are developments built with material that requires minimal maintenance to avoid excessive damage.

They have smart technology that helps to generate lower electricity costs, and allow a healthy relationship between nature and urban development.

Cost of living

Investing in a property in Tulum also means a better cost of living.

And even if you invest in a vacation rental which you will not use, you will see a great benefit in the low cost of hiring a condominium management company due to the low costs that maintenance requires in Tulum.

In addition, furnishing your property for your future temporary tenants will be an easy and inexpensive task even if you decide to opt for a smart home.

On the other hand, you will see that the attractiveness for foreigners looking to rent your property will be much greater when looking at the prices of their temporary life in Tulum.

For them, enjoying a vacation apartment will be a benefit for the cost compared to an all-inclusive hotel.

Buying the supermarket in any nearby supermarket will be 50% cheaper than doing it at home, and you can still enjoy the elegant restaurants with higher prices without any problem.


The reality is that if you are considering investing in Tulum, it is probably because you are looking to position your property as a vacation rental.

Despite the fact that during 2020 and 2021 tourism in Mexico has been affected, Tulum is one of the places that have recovered the fastest.

This has a lot to do with the development of the infrastructure that has allowed many foreigners to seek to come to work in this paradise remotely.

In 2018, Tulum broke records for the number of tourists. And while growth slowed a bit, it hasn’t stopped completely.

In January 2021, 77% of the tourists who arrived in Quintana Roo visited Tulum.

And that same month, the record of tourists visiting the area since the start of the pandemic was broken.

It is clear that Tulum continues to be an extremely popular destination and a very good source of business for investors.


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