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How do I find a real estate agent?

Maya Ocean provides a variety of services through our Brokers, who will guide you according to your particular needs throughout the selection of the property, the purchase and the legal process of acquiring your new home. Our real estate agents specialize in the Riviera Maya and know the area and the real estate market very well.

How do I find the property?

You can freely browse our exclusive and listed properties on our website mayaocean.com, by leaving your contact information on our website, we will send you information about the latest property listings, investment opportunities, etc. One of our real estate agents will guide you through the selection process, schedule an appointment to visit the properties that suit your needs, and finally select the property that is right for you.

As a foreigner, can I have a property in Mexico?

Yes, non-Mexicans can obtain direct ownership of a property in the interior of Mexico, and in the coastal areas of the Riviera Maya, you will be required to have a “fideicomiso” or bank trust if your property is within 50 km of any sea front and 100 km from any border.

What are the costs of the Trust?

The payment of the fees for the permit granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the constitution of the trust has a cost of approximately USD 400 or 13,910 MN plus the VAT that is paid annually, it is always important to check the prices, since they can vary.

What is an escrow account?

In Real Estate, a Trust is used to ensure that the funds of a transaction change hands at the time of closing. If you are a buyer, you want your funds in the seller’s account to only close once, not before. Is a trust required in Mexico to close a real estate transaction? It is not required, but many people use escrow in real estate transactions today as a safe and efficient way to transfer funds.

How to list my apartment for rent?

We invite you to list your condo with us, as part of our services we have a clientele for vacation rentals and we also handle all the logistics involved.

What is the cost of property maintenance?

The average cost is 3 USD per m2, however, prices may vary depending on the facility, for example, in some cases there are additional services such as swimming pool, concierge, transportation, services that can be offered by the administration of your condominium; In these cases the rates are higher.