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Tulum has become a destination where real estate development is looming, especially in the last decade, thus stirring up the interest of investors who anticipate big opportunities in this growing tourist destination in terms of the area’s positive capital gains’ margins and a growing tourist demand for vacation rentals.

In addition to the Mayan ruins and its incredible natural beaches, Tulum is also close to the most important biosphere reserve of Sian Ka`an in the southeast of Mexico, which is home to a wide biodiversity of marine and terrestrial flora and fauna.

The apartments we offer in Tulum share a common feature, they are located in areas of high added value with high profitability rates, thus guaranteeing a safe equity and return on investment.

Tulum is a growing city with very healthy profitability rates in peak seasons and stunning profit margins for both long term and vacation rental income.

Exclusive Master Broker Developments in Tulum

We offer three real estate developments as Master Brokers. They all are outstanding projects for their originality, location and design. Each one provides a residential solution where beauty, functionality and comfort are tangible. Altogether we sell more than 300 apartments of different typologies, views and size, offering a wide range of options for residents and investors.

Natum is a private residential development with tailor-made amenities, great for those who live and work in Tulum. In addition, the project includes easily accessible commercial areas for its future residents.

Ocean Tulum is a brand-new concept that seamlessly combines features of a resort with those of a condominium, thus merging the concept “resort living” in one place. Here, owners and visitors will have the option of five-star restaurants and amenities; including room service or the possibility to prepare meals in the apartment’s convenient kitchen.

Ocean Condos Tulum redefines the architectural concept of Tulum with a beautiful facade and a rooftop that recreates a garden that houses private micro-environments and diversity in a “Tuluminati” experience. 

Apartments in Tulum – Their Architectural Design

Nowadays, to talk about Tulum is to talk about fashion, trends and about the architectural design present in its modern and original buildings which combine nature, chukum walls, stone and wood. Rooftops tend to be very original and comfortable spaces, mainly used for relaxation and as a viewpoint to contemplate sunrises and sunsets over the Yucatán’s jungle skyline.

Much of the current architectural design of Tulum’s apartments is inspired by the sea, the cenotes, nature and the Mayan ruins that harmonize all the elements and become part of a young and lively community, something that architects emphasize. Buildings tend to become works of art on their own. They are the pride of the architects who create original and functional spaces for you to experience the Tulum lifestyle.

Apartments for Sale in Tulum

Tulum’s real estate market is booming. Many investors are benefiting from the exponential growth driven by the fact that many of the units are already sold before they are delivered, thus sometimes leading to cases in which demand exceeds supply. 

Maya Ocean is Master Broker for three developments in Tulum, what makes an inventory of more than 300 apartments and villas. Two of these locate in a tourist area on the south of Holistika, and the third one is in a private residential area next to Najil Xook, the trilingual school and to the future shopping centre that is under construction by the federal highway which will contribute to Tulum’s overall growth and entertainment services.

All the apartments we list are highly profitable, they provide excellent capital gain margins and are located in areas with high demand for long term rentals and/or vacation rentals. All this makes Tulum the investor’s paradise.

Pre-Sale Apartments and Condominiums in Tulum

Investors’ demand for apartments as a business model to generate income from vacation rentals is really high fuelled by the large amount of people that wish to be part of a unique lifestyle surrounded by nature, crystal clear waters, cenotes, and gorgeous beaches with soft sand, palm trees, Mayan ruins and the blue Caribbean Sea.

Many look for a unique experience in Tulum because it’s a quite original destination; so, many choose to own real estate in this paradise. Therefore, buildings’ amenities and common areas must add that essential and unique element that transcends the four walls.

Many of these residential buildings in Tulum locate in developing communities where functional buildings prevail, including restaurants, cafés, gyms, look out points, coworking areas, yoga areas, hammocks, lounge chairs and grills on the rooftops, thus creating different environments to enjoy or relax and where you can enjoy the Mexican Caribbean lifestyle surrounded by jungle, cenotes and beaches.